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Med-Cover Lice Cap is for lice treatment.
Kill lices with in a way that the content of essential oil compounds can pass through the cuticle of louse up to the trachea causing the death of head lice by suffocation.
It does not include toxic content and also prevents itching with natural ingredients.
It relaxes the scalp and helps the healing of wounds caused lices.

Med-Cover Lice Cap looks same with swimming bonnet: You tie your hair up and wear your cap, and you can continue your daily life. Then, you rub your scalp over the bonnet for a couple of seconds every 10 minutes. When you take off yoru cap after 45 minutes (yes, only 45 minutes) and comb your hair, you see that lice are falling off. For the remaining lice eggs on your head, you should use the second cap including the set after 2 weeks in the same way with the first one. All you have to do is that! Also, Med-Cover Lice cap is all herbal, so that it does not harm your sclap, not causes neither hair oil nor hair loss. It defuses the lice with such herbs like tea tree oil, eucalyptus, lavender and aloevera. In contrast to all damages of current lice shampoos and lice sprays, lice cap never harms your scalp or hair but clears up the itch on your scalp. Also, if you use lice shampoo or lice spray you have to touch the lice with your hand so that lice can infect the other people. Don't mind all of these, get your Lice Cap! Briefly, if you suffer from head lice infestation, you have a very easy and healthy solution: Med-cover Lice Cap!

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